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Princess Belle’s Dress Reveal – A Couture Beauty and the Beast Inspired 1st Birthday Dress

Hey guys and gals! I’ve been busy working on a custom order for a 1st birthday dress. The inspiration? Belle’s gorgeous gown from Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast just so happens to be one of my favorite Disney movies EVER and if you’re around my age or have kids, it’s probably one of yours too! This movie brings back so many beautiful childhood memories whenever I hear “Tale as old as time…” Do you recall the ballroom scene when Belle dances with the Beast? The way her dress sways with each move… isn’t it just perfect? The ballroom, the dress… the storyline… everything!?! This movie is unforgettable and the design of Princess Belle’s gown is spectacular to say the least! I was so excited to have an opportunity to design my version of it. Design Considerations – Movie vs. Real Life When thinking up the design for my Belle inspired dress, I knew I wanted it to exude elegance. It had to be fitting for a young child though so I didn’t want it sweeping the floor…

Beginner Sewing Techniques for Kids

In our home, my sewing area is a space you can’t miss – it’s dead smack in the middle of our living room!  It’s literally in our faces all day long. And that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it serves as a constant reminder to create. As a homeschooling mom, every day I make a conscious effort to encourage learning through daily tasks, school work, arts and crafts, and play. This isn’t always easy to incorporate as each child is different in age and stage and has their own skills and interests. Regardless, I always encourage them to… Try new things Explore their curiosity Help one another so they can learn together Have fun I’ve been wanting to introduce my son (8 years old) and daughter (5 years old) to the basics of sewing now that they’re getting older & because my daughter is showing serious interest in it. She wants to make doll clothes and play dress up any chance she gets. She’s naturally curious about everything fashion… Just like her momma! Even though I’ve wanted to teach…

Why I finally learned how to sew…

  When I turned 25, I set out on a mission to learn how to sew.  It had been a goal of mine for years upon years and turning 25 opened my eyes to how quickly the years fly by. I wanted to make my new baby girl her 1st birthday dress, but I still didn’t know how to sew and that realziation knocked the air out of me.  I always assumed that when I had a daughter, I’d already be a seamstress or designer or doing something in fashion, but somehow I lost my way.   I asked myself “If not now, then when?” and because I didn’t have an actual answer, I went into my closet with a mission. The mission was to take out the sewing machine my dad had bought for me when I turned 18 – and finally figure it out. See, my dad knew I wanted to learn how to sew way back then when I was 18, but there weren’t any sewing schools in my area at the time so I bought some sewing books and he bought me the sewing machine.  The sewing…

DIY 1st Birthday Cake Smash

For months I planned and prepared for this 1st Birthday and Cake Smash photoshoot.  Kari-Anna was our guest of honor, our little rainbow baby!  I, of course, made sure to have as many handmade touches as possible… I designed & sewed the dress, made the flower crown, baked and decorated the birthday cake, made the cake-topper… and envisioned a scene perfect for the littlest princess in our family.  She is, after all, our true-life dream come true, but that’s a story is for another day. I’ve done a few cake smashes in the past, but none compared to this one!  This was my 1st cake smash as a mom since I never had one for my 2 older kids… and I planned on photographing it.  The whole process wasn’t easy, and I knew it wasn’t going to be, but I think that’s what made it all the more pleasurable when everything started coming together. I stayed up most of the night before the actual cake smash putting the finishing touches on baby girl’s dress, baking the cake, and making the frosting. I…

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