Trust your instincts!

I wanted to write a quick post to remind you about the importance of trusting your instincts and your intuition…

I didn’t plan on writing a faith post today, but I went through a situation recently that I felt extremely uneasy about. My instincts were telling me to keep my guard up so I kept asking God for clarity as to why. I had no clear reason to feel the way I was feeling – none of it made any sense! It’s like what was before me seemed perfectly fine, but whatever was hidden from my view wasn’t. And I hadn’t the slightest clue as to what it was that I wasn’t aware of. Have you ever felt like that?

Suddenly, God reminded me of a dream a close friend of mine had shared with me years ago (concerning my life…) and that dream was exactly what I was going through then & somehow it was also extravagantly relevant to what I was experiencing all these years later.  My jaw dropped when I recalled her telling me about the dream. The words she used were applicable for my situation then & my situation right now … And I had no doubt that it was God bringing it to my rememberance.

My mind became clear. All anxiety subsided. And I felt relieved.

PEACE immediately covered me like a blanket.

Peace…that’s what I felt.

That’s the way God works.

My instincts reminded me to turn to God when I didn’t know exactly what was happening around me.

If it weren’t for those instinctual feelings, and my intuition making me aware that something was up, I wouldn’t have known to seek answers from the one who knows it all..

Definition of instinct :

behavior that is mediated by reactions below the conscious level


Definition of Intuition:

a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning


I think it is extremely important to listen and heed to what my body’s natural responses are trying to clue me in on so I can live a life full of purpose and direction.  My instincts and intuition are major tools that God uses to guide me to where I need to be and who I need to be around in order to get there. I believe God heightens my instincts and intuition to protect me and help me protect those who have been entrusted to me… and I don’t take that lightly. AT ALL.

Instincts guide many of my decisions. From making the decision to marry my high school sweetheart at 20 years old, to welcoming motherhood at 21, to becoming a stay at home mom… to co-sleeping…to breastfeeding all of my kids, and to even homeschooling them!

Ever since I became a mom almost 9 years ago, my instincts and intuition have been on what seems like overdrive. I have this incredible urge to protect, nurture, love, and fight for the things I believe in if the need ever arose. Momma bear? That’s me. Warrior Princess? That’s me too. One man army? That has always been me…

However, I guard my peace. I don’t partake in any drama or even have time to entertain it. Being a wife and mom is my #1 purpose in life & I care for my family and home with utmost devotion. Anything or anyone that tries to distract me from that has to go. That is the standard I’ve set for my life… and it’s proven to be a good one thus far.

I can’t describe exactly what instincts feels like, but it’s something that I pay attention to every single day. It’s a feeling that makes me question where I stand and forces me to define my convictions.  Sometimes it a reminder to be careful – or not to do something… or to proceed with caution and with my guards up. It makes me aware that I have decisions to make – possibly some that I wasn’t quite expecting. It also forces me to find solutions to certain hinderances and offers me the opportunity to understand myself a little bit better.

I allow my intuition to clue me in on things and situations I may not be paying attention to, but should have been… and the moment I become aware, my thoughts are on a mission to find answers.

In my search for answers and understanding, I often find myself talking with God – just praying here and there for direction as I intentionally open my heart to the pull of God.

Being a woman of faith, whenever I’m confused, or uneasy due to a situation or interactions with a person or a group of people… that is enough of a sign that something about it isn’t right for me and to remove myself from the situation. No need to exchange harsh words – just let people be and they go their way and I go mine.

Sometimes I just get a feeling – a sense that things aren’t quite right. And once I feel that way, my guards go up. Instincts. Sometimes it’s intuition. And other times,  it’s a combination of both.

Even if I don’t know what exactly is happening at that very moment – instincts kick in! And it’s a race to discern why I’m feeling the way I’m feeling. I usually depend on God for clarity whenever I feel this way.

Let me just say that God always comes through in revealing details about situations I’ve encountered that I initially didn’t understand. Leaving it alone and walking away at that first sign of confusion has always been my best decision because when I finally receive answers or see the bigger picture, I understand why my instincts were telling me to flee.

I do believe many people unknowingly welcome situations into their lives that they don’t necessarily want to be a part of by failing to trust their instincts.

Many of my instinctual responses are followed up with prayer – prayer for direction, wisdom, and discernment.

Now before you think I whip out my bible every single day, sing hymns until the sun rises and until it sets, and kneel beside my bed to pray every. single. night… I’m here to confess that I don’t do any of that.
I just live my life and ask God to lead me to where I need to go.

I talk with God often (mostly when I’m doing my chores) and this has naturally led to me wanting to read the Bible or listening to sermons whenever I feel as though I need a word from the Lord. Whenever I am going through something, which is pretty much every. single. day. – He’s the one I turn to!

My eyes and ears are always open to what He is trying to tell me or reveal to me. And I follow my instincts – as I view instincts as a God-given blessing.

However, sometimes my instincts scare me. Not knowing why I’m feeling a certain way can raise up all sorts of fears. And feeling fearful takes away any peaceful feeling along with it.

As much as I’d love to keep it simple and say “Hey, just trust your instincts!” or “Let your intuition guide you…” I know for a fact that it’s only part of the equation.

I know I have many limitations. There are things I cannot see and don’t know, but there is a God who knows it all! I’ve made the choice to accept Jesus into my heart because I wanted God directing the path I have to walk. Why? Well, for so many different reasons!

I’ve been through things that only God could have gotten me through. From strategically placing me and my son out of our home when our home was burglarized in broad day-light years ago, to saving my life on the birth day of my youngest daughter… I know God is always looking out for me. I know because He confirms that He is! When situations change only after I’ve prayed or after someone else I know have prayed – I mean, C’mon!

My youngest daughter, who is about to turn 2 years old next week, came into the world under terrifying circumstances. I had developed placenta previa at the end of my pregnancy with her and I didn’t know. What I thought was my water breaking turned out to be something life threatening because I was hemorrhaging. I literally saw my whole life flash before my eyes… and that’s when I stopped and prayed. I declared life, health, and peace over my and my baby’s life.  Being human, I didn’t know what God was up to, but during that prayer, I submitted my will to His because I know He knows me better than anyone else.

In that prayer, I prayed for more time on this Earth to raise my children, and as soon as I said “Amen,” I felt the blood stop pouring out of me at that exact moment –  and it became clear to me, if I had ever doubted before, that God is greater and mightier that I could ever… Ever… EVER conceive.

Immediately after I prayed, that blanket of peace (like I mentioned before) covered me. I took a quick shower, got ready, gathered all my things, gave my son and daughter kisses, and headed to the hospital with complete confidence that God and God alone was in control!

Now, when I was at the hospital, getting prepped for the emergency c-section, I got a phone call from one of my dad’s aunts… even though no one besides my parents and my husband knew I was in the hospital.  She called me to tell me that she had just finished praying for me – that God had impressed it upon her heart to pray for me… and when I told her I was in the hospital, I could hear her voice crack a little because she had no idea. Her prayers, along with mine, and many other people saved my life and my baby’s life that day. And I’m so grateful!

How in the world, though? How do people know to pray for others when they don’t have any details about what that person is going through? Could it be intuition? Could it be that God uses intuition to let us know that prayers are needed? That prayers can change circumstances? That prayer is powerful?

Now I don’t think God necessarily needs to hear our prayers in order to perform miracles – He is God, after all! However, prayers benefit you and me by strengthening our faith in Him. When we pray, we acknowlege that GOD is in control and when a miracle occurs, He’s the source of it!

God is real, I definitely believe so.  He isn’t some made-up story or a social construct. God is as real as this life I’m currently living.

So I allow my life to be led by instincts & intuition – coupled with God’s revelation of what I should do or not do in my life. Make no mistake, I pray about everything.  I’m only 30, but I’m clingy towards God. I don’t want to let Him go because I truly don’t know who I’d be without Him or how I’ll get though hard times if it wasn’t for his constant blessings.

Life is full of tough situations – I’m sure you’re well aware –  and I can’t imagine not having that connection with God to depend on.

Those God-given instincts have kept me safe from harm more than I can count! Intuition has guided me away from things and people that weren’t meant for me… And I’m thankful that I paid attention to the signals so I could be right here in this moment – currently living life with no regrets.

How many people can truly say they are doing the same? A life of no regrets? Is that even possible?

Yes, it absolutely is!

I love my life and all the people who are a part of it. When I go to bed at night, I am at peace… and in a world filled with heartbreak, depression, confusion, and bad news – I am proof that there is a God who loves me and cares for me.

I’m not heartbroken – I’m as happy as can be! And though I can face “bad” news at any moment – I have faith that with God, I’ll be just fine! Though I have been through some rough stuff myself – who hasn’t? There is no doubt in my mind about who has gotten me through my rough times. It’s been God. And only God.

Have you ever wondered what your instincts are trying to tell you?

A good way to decipher what’s happening within you is to question the direction you are being pulled:

  • Is it towards love, forgiveness, clarity, and creating?
  • Or is it towards – Jealousy, bitterness, confusion, and destruction?

If it’s the latter, consider asking Jesus into your heart and giving Him full reign to lavish you with his LOVE.

That LOVE will completely overwhelm you in the most beautiful way.

If you’re lacking clarity about a situation – whatever it may be, my advice for you is to PRAY. Ask God what He is trying to show you. Don’t stop praying about it until He makes it clear. And believe me, HE will make it clear! God is not a God of confusion.

Trust in Him and don’t worry.

Worry steals peace… and peace is what God gives. So if you’re worrying about something – whatever it may be, submit it to God, and let His peace cover you & bring you through the situation.

God will bring you through.

My favorite scripture verse is

A Reminder to Trust Your Instincts - Lovemade Handmade

This verse is a reminder to me that no matter what I go through, God has the final say over my life… and that in itself is comforting and empowering! Embrace that truth today – to trust God through it all. He wants the best for you! And He wants what’s best for me. And I just love the security I have in Him.

Love Always,


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Karina Moran

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  1. Melissa Chapman | 23rd Jun 17

    Your faith is so strong I wish I had that. I grew up religious but sometimes I question my faith.

  2. Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh | 23rd Jun 17

    I totally trust my instincts, because 99 percent of the time, what I’m feeling comes to pass. There has been a situation unfolding before summer that I knew was coming, thankfully I felt it beforehand, so it wasn’t so much of a shocker.

  3. Jessica | 23rd Jun 17

    I have grown to realize that sometimes my plans and life’s plans aren’t always the same. When i feel knocked down though, there is always a reason and something else I am supposed to be doing.

  4. Marcie | 23rd Jun 17

    It’s so good that you trusted your instincts. They are there for this reason.

  5. angela ricardo | 23rd Jun 17

    Ever since my pregnancy … I have learned to trust my instinct more. Also to pray and be mindful that I can ask for help that I dont have to shoulder things on my own. Thank you for the encouraging post!

  6. Rhian | 23rd Jun 17

    Your faith is awe-worthy, it’s good that your instincts have been on overdrive as you care so you want to trust your instincts and your gut x

  7. Yuen Mi | A Travel Diary | 23rd Jun 17

    It’s great you have so much faith in your beliefs. I have also learned to always trust my instinct even if it doesn’t make sense in certain situations. But in the end, it’s always helped out so I don’t even question it anymore.

  8. Cindy Ingalls | 24th Jun 17

    I couldn’t agree with this post more. I’ve always regretted decisions or situations where I didn’t listen to my instincts. Listen to what your mind and body are telling you and you’ll never go wrong.

  9. Amanda Love | 24th Jun 17

    This is such a beautiful reminder! I think it’s important that we also learn to analyze why our intuition is leading us towards a certain decision. It’s good to have faith in God, because he gives us guidance.

  10. reesa | 24th Jun 17

    Trusting your instincts is huge. It’s something that I have learned throughout the last 8 years as a mother.

  11. Carolyn | 24th Jun 17

    I definitely think God can speak to us through feelings or instincts. I love finding out why I was feeling that way later on and seeing why I was being spoken to in that manner. It always seems to all make sense in the end.

  12. Nikki | 24th Jun 17

    I think it’s always important to trust our instincts. They’re there for a reason, to let us know when something is awry. They’re like our little natural warning system!

  13. Heather | 25th Jun 17

    What a great reminder to trust that funny feeling. I have many examples of when I didn’t follow my gut and ended up knowing I made the wrong decision and had the insight to change the outcome before it ever went wrong.

  14. Brittany | 26th Jun 17

    I am a huge believer in trusting in your instincts, especially when it comes to a parent. I have had so many times where I’ve felt something and it ended up saving them from something.

  15. Nayantara | 27th Jun 17

    Faith & trust are two big learnings in my life off late. Its what I learned with my pregnancy and then once I had my child in my arms, its what I see every single day. Instincts and motherhood go hand in hand I think.

  16. CourtneyLynne | 27th Jun 17

    It’s crazy the things your gut knows!!! So many times I have had funny feelings about things and it turned out that my gut feeling was right!

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