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Daily Archives: February 3, 2018

Life update (I had a D&C) + 2018 Sewing Plans

Hey y’all! It’s been a while! I want to share my 2018 sewing plans with you all… but first! I cannot believe it’s already February! You’re probably wondering where I’ve been (or not) but I’ll tell you anyways! 🙂 December was quite a difficult month for me. In fact it was my most difficult month in all of 2017.  At the end of November, I started experiencing some weird symptoms so I went to my obygn to see what was up.  December isn’t an ideal month to go to the doctor… let me tell you! There’s a million things to do. If you have kids, there are countless presents to wrap, cookies to bake… & home to decorate. Add in doctor appointments on top of that and life gets complicated real quick if you’re a homeschooling mom. It was a tough month & I felt like I wasn’t catching a break… just as I thought I was feeling better, it was something new… or something else… or more medication… or my period… Long…