Beginner Sewing Techniques for Kids – Part 2

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Beginner Sewing Techniques? ♥

If you haven’t already read PART ONE, it’s located here. 

Last month, I introduced my 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter to sewing. After practicing the techniques I shared about in my previous post (Part 1), both were ready to attempt sewing with a real sewing needle almost immediately after.

They weren’t scared at all at the thought of using an actual needle… and honestly, neither was I… not anymore! Finally, I felt confident in their ability to hold the needle properly and to pay attention when practicing their stitches. That was a major goal concerning sewing – getting them comfortable with holding the needle and piercing the fabric with it… without any fear!

In fact,  my 5 year old girl and 8 year old boy both blurted out “Wow! This is so much fun!” while doing this new sewing activity… and my mommy ears couldn’t have been happier! That’s what it’s all about, you know? It’s gotta be fun for them. And when they’re having fun, this momma bear feels like all is well in the world.

In this activity, your child will learn how to pierce felt (or fabric) with an actual sewing needle and have the opportunity to practice sewing their stitches.

Supply List

  • Tapestry sewing needle
  • Thread or Embroidery Floss
  • Felt (or fabric)
  • Fine point-tip marker


  1. Cut a shape out of felt:
    You can make it anything – A heart, rectangle, circle… the possibilities are endless!
  2. Mark round dots 1/4 inch apart with the fine point marker along the perimeter on the front of your shape:
    These dots will serve as a visual reminder for where the needle and thread must pass through.
  3. Thread the needle and make a knot at the end:
    Ask your child to help so they can learn how to do it too!
  4. Starting from the back of your project, pierce the felt with the needle and pull the thread through.
    Make sure that the knot you created at the end of the thread is large enough so it doesn’t get pulled out of the felt as the thread is being pulled to the other side of the project.
  5. Hand the felt shape with the needle and thread to your little sewer:
    Show them how to properly hold the needle and guide them through their first two or three stitches. At around this point, they’ll shoo you away… hopefully.
  6. Watch them as they do it on their own!
    Stay nearby while they do it on their own for the first time. Remind them to take it slow and have fun!

Here are some pictures of my son, Addi, practicing his stitches. He’s trying out the thimble too – though it surely doesn’t fit on any other finger besides his thumb… 

Teach your child to sew with these beginner sewing techniques! | Lovemade Handmade

Addi, age 8, practicing hand sewing techniques | Lovemade Handmade

Teach your child to sew with these beginner sewing techniques! | Lovemade Handmade

Teach your child to sew with these beginner sewing techniques! Lovemade Handmade

I am so proud of him and how quickly he has learned how to sew these simple stitches. Cant wait to see what he uses these skills for in the future!





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  1. robin rue | 19th Apr 17

    This is so great. I wish I had learned to sew when I was younger. I did learn in high school, but would have loved to do it as a child.

    • [email protected] | 19th Apr 17

      Thanks so much, Robin. I would have loved to learn too as a child – didn’t learn until I was 25! It’s such a valuable skill to have and to teach to youngsters.

  2. Jeanine | 19th Apr 17

    I love this! I can’t wait to teach my girls how to sew. They are really into it!

  3. Terri | 19th Apr 17

    I loved sewing. I need to get back to it. Such a creative process.

  4. Kara | 19th Apr 17

    I remember my mom did something like this when I was younger. I wish I would have kept up with it.

    • [email protected] | 19th Apr 17

      That’s awesome that your mom tried teaching you! Its never too late to pick back up where you left off. 🙂

  5. Angela Tolsma | 19th Apr 17

    I love your supply list. As I was reading I was thinking of little embroidery needles and how terrifying those are as an adult! Tapestry needle is so much better!

  6. Tereza | 19th Apr 17

    Loved part one and this is just as good. I’m absolutely horrid at sewing so I will be trying this myself haha. I honestly can’t make a straight stitch! x

  7. roxy | 19th Apr 17

    Fantastic tips! I learned to sew at age 8 and I remember being very intimidated at first by the needles and thin thread. This list and tip sheet is perfect for getting children comfortable around all the tools and techniques.

  8. Cindy Ingalls | 20th Apr 17

    I used to sew a bit more when I was younger. There is something so satisfying about making something with a needle and thread.

  9. thesocialbeing721 | 20th Apr 17

    Sewing is a forgotten craft! Thanks for this interesting post. I sew by hand and love it. My mom taught me and it’s come in handy.

  10. Catherine | 20th Apr 17

    These are so great! My 8 year old daughter will love learning to sew with me this summer. We recently made a no-sew blanket so sewing with needles is the next step. Going to check out part 1 now!

  11. Amanda Love | 20th Apr 17

    It’s nice to teach kids the basics especially since they can use it when they’re living alone when they’re older. These are awesome tips on how to start and what techniques to start with.

  12. Carol Cassara | 20th Apr 17

    The sooner we teach them, the less fears we have about what’s going to happen or how they’ll react. I think it’s nice that you’re teaching your kids how to sew. That’s going to be useful!

  13. Melissa | 20th Apr 17

    You are such a great teacher and homeschooling seems to be a great thing in your lives. I wish my kids knew how to sew it would benefit them later on.

  14. Reesa | 20th Apr 17

    Learning to sew is something I have always wanted to learn to do. I wish I could teach my own kids skills like this!

  15. Abigail | 20th Apr 17

    You are the cutest mama! I’m obsessed with your site!

  16. Angela Bethea | 20th Apr 17

    It’s really great to hear that you are teaching your kids about sewing at such a young age. This is a great hobby that is also helpful for them in the future.

  17. Renee | The Good Hearted Woman | 20th Apr 17

    It is so great that you are teaching your kids to sew. Every one of my grown daughters has told me at one time or another that sewing is one of the best things I ever taught them to do. I know that even back when I was in college (a million years ago) I was astounded at the number of people who couldn’t even sew on a simple button. I did seamstress work back then for extra cash, and I made a ridiculous amount of money on buttons and hems.

  18. katriza | 21st Apr 17

    These are great tips for introducing your kids to sewing! It’s one of those things they definitely need to learn!

  19. lydia | 21st Apr 17

    I lI love that you are teaching your kids to sew at a young age. I never learned but wish I did!

  20. Heather | 21st Apr 17

    I love this! My eight year old daughter has been sewing for a few years but this is a great activity for her.

  21. Angela | 21st Apr 17

    OMG I can’t wait for my daughter to be old enough to do this!!! She’s not even two year old so definitely to young for it

  22. tasha | 21st Apr 17

    Lots of great tips here! My daughter is just getting into sewing so this will be a huge help.

  23. anvita | 22nd Apr 17

    I like the tips you shared. My son is too small for this but I believe it would be a great way to work on their small muscles.

  24. CourtneyLynne | 24th Apr 17

    Awesome tips here!!!! I was obsessed with both sewing and knitting when I was younger. So much fun!

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