Relaxation sang my name today…

Every once in a while, a perfect day comes along. And today was one of those! For me, at least.

Imagine it for a second… Palm Springs, Florida. 77 degrees. Clear skies.

My mother-in-love treated us to breakfast by the beach… and I ordered salmon stuffed crepes… OMG it was delish!

After breakfast,  we ventured off to the beach with the kids – just me and Ash. The sun was shining brightly, but the ocean air was cool and had that refreshing salty-clean smell… and I just laid down and relaxed.  I haven’t felt the sun on my skin for months and I absolutely needed it – especially after the last few days we had.

I dipped my feet in the water and ran away from a few waves with Zali boo, but I still felt a bit weak. We just experienced, as a whole family, what it’s like to have the stomach bug one after the next.  AND my period just happened to fall on our vacation… again! So I wanted to take it easy…and I totally did.  Ash and the kids had a grand ol’ time and I enjoyed watching them having good fun in that beautiful water.

I never thought there would be a day when the ocean would be before me and I wouldn’t jump in, but today I was totally fine sitting on the sand.  TOTALLY fine!  Maybe its a mom of 3+ thing?  I don’t have one ounce of desire to prove anything to myself or anyone anymore – if I don’t feel well, I own it. I’m like a runaway train with to-do lists every other healthy moment of the year so when momma bear is down, she rests, you know?  I’m glad I listened to my body today especially, and took it easy.

Years ago, I would have thought sitting on the sand at the beach meant not enjoying the opportunity before me & today, I felt the total opposite.  I absolutely loooooved not having to wrestle my children in the waves today.  I enjoyed not having to worry if one went underwater for too long when I was looking after another of if the other one ate a “sand-wich” and whether either of them had a whole bunch of sand up their butt…

I think I should clarify that Ash held Kari the entire time,  Addi wore a life vest & stayed beside Ash, and  Zali boo played on the sand when she wasn’t holding Ash’s hand.  And I had my eyes on all THREE of them from where I was, but I wasn’t physically spent holding them or spinning in circles counting, 1 -2 -3, to make sure all was accounted for.  Beaches are scary.  Believe me, I know… we’ve taken many vacations to Trinidad with all of our babies throughout the years and its exhausting on a normal day with TWO parents.  I gave Ash high praises for wrangling all three kids in that beach…  And not losing his sanity.  I was impressed!

I was totally the chill one today and it felt good.  Not any cares in the world.  Well, besides thinking about my hopes and dreams for my life and my family.  I nursed Kari on the sand… played with her hair… asked her if she had a wonderful time splashing at the beach and gave her a bunch of kisses.  I dried off the older two when they were done being little fish and passed them along to their dad to shower them off and change them while I kept little toddler girl fed and entertained.

After lounging on the beach for a bit,  we went to the park, and after that, picked up some delicious ice cream at a sweet little chocolate and dessert shop near the ocean. While sitting outside, a bunch of cool cars drove by and Addi got excited planning for the car he wants to have one day… and Zali boo decided she wants a pink one when she gets older. Kari fell asleep in my arms after a bit of num noms and then we had to carry her back to the car. Only when she is alseep  do I realize how “new” she still is. She’s only been with us for 18 months and it feels like we’ve known her forever…

In between my thoughts of how quickly our babies are growing up,  an older lady walked up to Ash to inform us about a situation she was having with the parking meters and we didnt know how to help her (because we’re not from here ourselves)… and apologized and went on our way for being of no help. While walking though, I happened to glimpse the parking signs and read that there is free 4 hour parking where she parked and was able to let her know that.  It totally made her day, man! And it made mine even better when I saw how happy and relieved he was.  She was going to wait around for God knows how long for help and just like that, she got it…
Some days are like that though – absolutely perfect. When it’s just easy and effortless and there is no poo involved.  I think I’ve seen enough poo and puke to last a while after this past week. 3 kids, and 2 adults with a stomach bug = no fun at all – especially while visiting my kids’ grammies house, a privilege we don’t get often enough.

However, in spite of being holed up in my mother-in love’s home for the past 3 – 4 days (on our short 8 day stay) because of that yucky stomach bug, today was exactly the day we needed! The salty air was healing and that sunshine was medicine in itself.  Reminded me how quickly circumstances change daily – one day we can be sick and the next day, healthy.  One day we can be overwhelmed with sadness, and the next, joy abounds.  Negativity in all forms can be a temporary thing, you know? As long as we don’t dwell in it.

So if you’re facing tough times today, be encouraged that tomorrow holds a new day. Next week holds new opportunities. And next month, you won’t be in the same place you are at this moment… Believe that good moments are heading your way and appreciate them when they do.

All my love,
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