A Handmade Toddler Christmas Dress

I can’t believe it’s about to be Christmas again! It feels like just yesterday I was baking homemade Christmas cookies with my little ones & getting ready for Santa’s 2016 visit…

Though a whole year has passed since then, we’re going to be doing the exact same thing in a few days!

This year, however, I had a goal to sew something… anything…

As much as I’d love to be that girl that sews every single day, I’m not. I sew when I want to or feel inspired to… and I can go weeks between projects because I tend to be curious about a lot. Last year, it was Christmas cookies.

This year, however, I settled on making my toddler girl a Christmas dress. Initially I planned on making one for me too & one for her sister to match, but I suddenly got sick. I ended up having to take some super strong antibiotics that made my head hurt, my body lethargic… and so I welcomed the opportunity to rest mentally & physically. As my luck would have it though, my husband also had a last minute business trip so it was solely up to me to care for our little ones around the clock in spite of feeling like utter crap. It was a tough week to be completely honest… and “adulting” in the slightest of ways was a major task. Naturally, my plans to sew the other two Christmas dresses flew out the window.

And it’s all good. I wasn’t about to overwhelm myself with projects when I wasn’t feeling my best & so I have no regrets.  I guess I’ll have fabric for next years Christmas outfits! There’s always a silver lining… haha. And I did have a bit of free time to binge watch some movies and Netflix shows that I’ve been curious about, but haven’t had time for so that was quite fulfilling as well.

Toddler Christmas Dress

I started on my toddler girl’s Christmas dress as soon as I finished making my bralettes…

I used the same dress pattern I drafted for my girls for the Thankful Sewing Blog Tour  and just added a placket down the center front instead.

It’s actually not a full bodice placket, but somewhat of a partial one… though she’s so tiny that it looks like it goes all the way down to the waist seam, but it really doesn’t. I planned for the one that she’s wearing to be a muslin so I totally winged the placket length, but after sewing it up, it didn’t look too bad and fit her well so I saved myself the trouble and just kept it as is.

She loved it when I showed it to her. She was adamant that I put it on for her then and there so she could twirl & twirl & twirl some more…

I snapped some pictures as she was going about her day & I absolutely love her life.  I’m definitely a photo-obsessed mama & can never have too many photos of my little ones so bear with me. I’ll cherish these moments forever…

Have a Merry Christmas!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. I plan on spending mine with my family at my parents house. We do Thanksgiving at ours and Christmas at theirs… and every year our Christmas includes lots of gaming, movies, and ahhh-maaazing food so I look forward to it all year long. It’s definitely a magical time of year for us…

So excited to create memories with our littlest one as this is her first year really taking in all that the holiday season has to offer. She’s loving the Christmas lights and presents under the tree…

And I cannot wait to see her little face when she opens up her presents! She’s quite theatrical so I’m sure there’ll be loads of excitement… cant wait!

Happy Living, Loving, & Making,

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  1. Vidya Tiru | 6th Jan 18

    That dress is so adorable!!! and looking forward to more posts where I can help my daughter get started on her beginning sewing too …
    also, wanted to let you know – I nominated you for the Liebster award – http://www.ladyinreadwrites.com/and-the-liebster-goes-to/

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