Hello there Nora… Nora Knickers – A Pattern Test

I’ve come to realize that my life is pretty much going to be busy from here on out. Mothering, running a household (cleaning, cooking, laundry, managing a budget), and homeschooling my children can be so tiring. It’s even more so when my husband is traveling for work. Just this past month, my husband’s been gone at one point or another almost every week. The daily grind seemed never ending! I felt like I didn’t have a moment for myself – much less, for sewing. However, I was invited to test the Nora Knickers by Daydream Patterns and I was so excited for the push to MAKE something that I’ve never made before.

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Nora Knickers Pattern Test by LOVEMADE HANDMADE

I hurried to complete the housework, made sure I helped the kids with their assignments & plugged away at the sewing machine whenever I could. This pattern allowed me to stop and restart as often as I needed because I didn’t have to think about the construction process AT ALL. I love that about sewing patterns – all the tedious work is done for me… and you! In this season of life, time is precious since I don’t have much of it to waste.  The detailed instructions and illustrations included in this sewing pattern helped keep my sewing almost robotic and brought these knickers to life quickly. YAY!

Nora Knickers Pattern Test by LOVEMADE HANDMADE

This was my 2nd time pattern-testing for Jo, who is the lovely designer behind Daydream Patterns, and the brains of the well-drafted lingerie sewing patterns I’ve fallen in love with. As you might recall, I first tested the Bella Bralette by Daydream Patterns a few months ago.  Let me tell you, the Nora Knickers pair perfectly with the Bella Bralette!

Make yourself your own Bralette! All the details at Lovemade Handmade Blog

The process…

As soon as I began the pattern test, I knew I wanted to make matching knickers for my Bella’s. The only problem? I didn’t have much lace leftover. Being that I had purchased the gold and black lace locally, I had to make a stop at my neighborhood fabric store. When I went to buy the lace, there was *just enough* left for me to get 2 yards of it. I also picked up my lingerie elastic there as well… which was wonderful because it meant that I didn’t have to order any of it online. If I can buy things locally, that is always my first choice – I’d do anything to help keep those mom & pop shops open!

Armed with my lace & elastic, I went home and immediately washed them & hung them up to dry. I already had leftover black cotton lycra from my Bella’s so I decided to make that my main fabric. It was already washed and ready so I used the extra time to print out and assemble my pdf pattern. Unlike many home sewers, I actually enjoy taping together pdf patterns. It gets me one step closer to finishing a project and I feel a sense of accomplishment even if that’s all I get done “sewing-wise” in a day. Small victories turn into huge victories as long as it gets me closer to accomplishing the overall task. In this case, the task was completing my own knickers.

The Nora Knicker pattern comes with both a high waisted and hipster version. I chose to make the high-waisted version. After 3 c-sections, anything that even rubs against my c-section scar irritates me. If you don’t have that issue, the hipster version does seem quite lovely!

As soon as I finished cutting my lace and fabric, it was just a matter of assembling the pieces together and sewing it up. Before I knew it, I had not one… not two, but three new knickers! And I felt like an underwear-making master! hahaha…

Hello there Nora…

Nora Knickers Pattern Test by LOVEMADE HANDMADENora Knickers Pattern Test by LOVEMADE HANDMADE  Nora Knickers Pattern Test by LOVEMADE HANDMADE

Nora Knickers Pattern Test by LOVEMADE HANDMADE

Have you ever made lingerie before? Isn’t it so empowering? If you’ve never made your own lingerie, would you like to give it a try? If so, I highly recommend these patterns from Daydream Patterns! These are the patterns I used to make my own lingerie for the first time. THE FIRST TIME. Did you read that? I’ve never made underwear before this. And let me tell you, it’s a fun experience! I had no issues whatsoever with the process & was quite amazed with my makes afterwards. I think that speaks for the pattern itself.

I’m excited to pick out fancier stretch laces soon and sew up new versions of both the Bella and Nora. I’m ready for blush tones…

I’ve been obsessed with blush pink lately… OBSESSED. Cant wait to make them! I can see them already…

Purchase the sewing pattern for the Nora here.

Purchase the sewing pattern for the Bella Bralette here.

There is a release sale going on this weekend for the Nora knickers. Use coupon code NORAKNICKERS for 20% discount on all patterns on the Daydream Patterns website!


Hope you enjoy the week ahead & spend some time making and creating clothes and things that you love!

Karina ♥



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  1. Linda Amerigo | 21st May 18

    I too tested the Nora Knickers, and was enamored with your version. I also love your Bella Bralettes. I have not yet made these, but have the pattern in hand and I am ready to roll. Your beautiful black lingerie should cheer things up on the rare days that hubby is around!!!!!

    • Karina Moran | 30th May 18

      How awesome! Both patterns are amazing… I love how nicely they pair together. Would love to see your BELLA when you sew it up! <3

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