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Daily Archives: May 28, 2017

How to Make Flan with Only 5 Ingredients

Do you like flan?… I absolutely love it! It’s been my favorite dessert since childhood and I’ve always been so curious about how it’s made. If you don’t know what FLAN is, it’s a sweet & creamy custard that’s made with eggs & milk… and it. is. divine.  I stumbled on this delicious recipe last November when one of my aunts shared it on Facebook. It caught my attention because I was pondering what desserts to make for Thanksgiving… and when I saw this flan, it just made perfect sense! I had never attempted to make flan before so it was long overdue – especially since I’m on a mission to fill my life with all the things I love; and learning how to make it myself is a part of the process that helps me enjoy life even more. The recipe seemed easy enough so I tested it out on Thanksgiving Day and the flan came out PERFECTLY. It was, honestly, the best flan I had ever tasted! You know how some flans are thick and heavy? Or when you’re…