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How To Homeschool When Life Gets Busy

How to Homeschool When Life Gets Busy In the beginning of the year, I mentioned wanting to share a bit more about our homeschooling life… Well, TODAY is the day! I’m currently homeschooling my 9 year old (4th grade level), my 6 year old (1st grade level) and my almost pre-k 3 youngster. In this post, I’d like to touch upon some of my best practices that help make homeschooling easier when life gets super busy around here. Right now, I’m in one of my busiest seasons of my life as my family and I just bought our first home! YAY! The house we bought is a fixer upper so we’re in the process of having our “new” home renovated before we actually move in. These last 6 months have been extremely busy as we were house hunting, going through inspections, planning the renovation, and budgeting to make it all happen.  During all of this, our homeschool life has never been better & I truly believe it’s because of what I’m about to share with you. My children are like yours! My children are like most children in the sense…