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Beginner Sewing Techniques for Kids

In our home, my sewing area is a space you can’t miss because it’s dead smack in the middle of our living room!  It’s literally in our faces all day long. And that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it serves as a constant reminder to create. As a homeschooling mom, every day I make a conscious effort to encourage learning through daily tasks, school work, arts and crafts, and play. This isn’t always easy to incorporate as each child is different in age and stage and has their own skills and interests. Regardless, I always encourage them to… Try new things Explore their curiosity Help one another so they can learn together Have fun I’ve been wanting to introduce my son (8 years old) and daughter (5 years old) to the basics of sewing now that they’re getting older & because my daughter is showing serious interest in it. She wants to make doll clothes and play dress up any chance she gets. She’s naturally curious about everything fashion… Just like her momma! Even though I’ve wanted to teach…