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Daily Archives: March 28, 2017

Princess Belle’s Dress Reveal – A Couture Beauty and the Beast Inspired 1st Birthday Dress

Hey guys and gals! I’ve been busy working on a custom order for a 1st birthday dress. The inspiration? Belle’s gorgeous gown from Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast just so happens to be one of my favorite Disney movies EVER and if you’re around my age or have kids, it’s probably one of yours too! This movie brings back so many beautiful childhood memories whenever I hear “Tale as old as time…” Do you recall the ballroom scene when Belle dances with the Beast? The way her dress sways with each move… isn’t it just perfect? The ballroom, the dress… the storyline… everything!?! This movie is unforgettable and the design of Princess Belle’s gown is spectacular to say the least! I was so excited to have an opportunity to design my version of it. Design Considerations – Movie vs. Real Life When thinking up the design for my Belle inspired dress, I knew I wanted it to exude elegance. It had to be fitting for a young child though so I didn’t want it sweeping the floor…