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Daily Archives: April 28, 2017

100% Cotton Rounds – Make it Yourself!

Hello to you all! I hope life has been treating you well. It has been a rough few weeks over here and I’m happy to finally get an opportunity to share this Make It Yourself tutorial for Reusable 100% Cotton Rounds. These rounds can be used in countless ways! You can use them to remove makeup, as a facial scrub when coupled with face wash, as a nursing pad, or even as baby wipes. Talk about being versatile! About a month or so ago, my friend, Bertha, from high school, reached out to me. She was curious to know  if I could make her some of these cotton rounds using her infant son’s cloth diaper flats. Bertha is all about living a minimalist lifestyle and she focuses on researching healthy alternatives for every day things we normally use that may pose a risk to our environment and/or our health. Her goal is to reduce waste in whatever ways she can and to inform and encourage others to do the same though consuming less and in turn, living more. She’s amazing! And I admire her for her efforts to change the world with one…