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Mom life is fun, but it isn’t easy. This is a glimpse into my motherhood.

I made myself a Bralette! Featuring the Bella Bralette PDF Sewing Pattern by Daydream Patterns

Hey there! I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and had the opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones. At my home, we have a little holiday tradition where my parents & siblings come over to our place after Thanksgiving dinner and spend the night. We play games, eat more delicious food, watch movies… and settle in like little bears getting ready for winter. It’s quite memorable! And I look forward to it all year long & this year was no different. However, in my efforts to sew as often as possible and not wait for “the perfect moments,” I ended up stealing minutes here and there to plug myself into finishing up a pattern test. While everyone was making up their minds whether or not to go see Thor Ragnarock in the theaters, I was busy sewing away. Don’t be fooled though, my sewing area is right in my living room so I was still part of everything! I actually really enjoyed sewing while talking with my parents — a luxury I don’t often have. The pattern I was testing was the Bella Bralette & Cami PDF sewing pattern…