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Handmade Pinafore Birthday Dresses

My youngest daughter, Kari, turned 2 years old last week. And in honor of her growth, I made her a new dress – A Handmade Pinafore Birthday Dress! And I’m gonna tell you all about it, but first… I’m in awe at how quickly the years pass by when we welcome a new baby. It’s like time speeds up while I’m trying my best to slow it down to savor every little moment. I clearly remember bringing Kari home & I knew it then that time was going to pass by quickly & here we are, 2 years later, and it has definitely passed by waaaay too fast! We JUST celebrated her 1st birthday and now she’s turning TWO?… Why is she growing so fast? And why is it all happening so quickly? Am I having too much fun? Probably! But, I sure do wish she’d stay a baby just a little while longer… If you’re curious to see what we did for Kari’s 1st birthday, I shared about it HERE. This year, I continued the tradition I started 5 years…